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 Dorset singer-songwriter Peter James Millson has just recorded a stunning third album, ‘Mobile’, entirely on a mobile phone, and is now fundraising to make and release it this Summer.

“Mobile is a wonderful piece of work that reminds us how songs sound when they are first born”, says Boo Hewerdine, who has produced the album.  “Peter came to me with some demos of some new songs. They sounded great. Tucked at the end were some phone demos. I couldn’t stop listening to them… What if we made an album this way? A digital Nebraska? And like Nebraska we applied all the care we could to positioning, choices, mastering etc. Peter hired a piano for this beautiful song (Green). Please help and spread the word.”

The song Boo mentions, ‘Green’, will be released in April, the second single release from the album before the official launch in June 2017.

The first track to be released is ‘We’ve Got It All’.  A song about counting your blessings, will be available for digital purchase from Valentines Day.

Peter says “I was secretly very proud of the intimacy of one of the phone recordings I’d sent to Boo. It was a surprise and a total delight when he picked up on the same thing.”

Pre-order now!

Please donate and help us make this happen. When you donate, you can pre-order the album, commission a song, or buy a photoshoot with Peter who also happens to be an outstanding professional photographer, with pictures hanging in the National Portrait Gallery.

Red Café Reviews:

“I think one of the most beautiful albums of the year.” – Rock and More, Spain

“This album is a thing of beauty.” – Rob Hurley, Albums of 2016

“Highly affecting.” – Joe Turner, Evolver Magazine

20160515 0098

Sweet the words…

“Just lovely.” – Ricky Ross

“A great example of UK Americana.” – Michael Kingston, Country Music People

“Albums of the year 2014: Sweet The Love That Meets Return.” Macwood Fleet

“Goes straight to the heart.” – Nick West, Bucketfull of Brains

“All nine songs on this impressive debut album are bathed in subtle melodic melancholia.” – 8/10 Ian Fildes, Americana UK

“That song is SO beautiful.” – Chris Evans (about the song, ‘We’ve Got It All’)

“Reminds me of Lennon’s gentle musings on love and loss.” – Adrian Phillips’ ‘Tuna the day’

“Millson’s sweet voice works its spell” – Roots and Branches

“A gorgeous album that will slowly reveal more depth with repeated listening sessions… In many ways evoking the mellow sounds of 1970s era ‘sunny southern California’.” – American Roots UK

“[I Remember Us] It’s a GREAT song!” – Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio

“Residing in the land where melody is king.” Beat Surrender [LINK]

“Very Danny [George Wilson], very Boo Hewerdine. I don’t think there’s a much higher compliment you could pay somebody than that.” – Gilded Palace

“Lovely melodies.” – Pete Paphides

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