I’ve got a new album all done and waiting for you to hear. Produced by Boo Hewerdine and recorded… on a phone.

Boo came up with the idea to make a record using only my phone (a Windows phone) to record with. The early demos I’d recorded in this fashion to show to Boo had a real affecting elegance and not losing that was an idea that was there in the room with us as we listened. I set about simplifying the structure of all ten songs and experimented with phone position in relation to me and the guitar/piano/voice. We then picked the most beautiful of all the (straight, live) takes and spent a long time on the mastering (Chris Pepper) and the running order.

The result is a very moving and affecting record. We’ve all been blown away by it, actually.

I asked my friend, the illustrator, Paul Blow to listen to it and see what came to him in terms of imagery. The cover you see, of the girl and the arrow and the bird, is the result. It left me speechless.

My wife came up with the brilliant title: Mobile.

We want everyone to hear this and so would like you to help us by contributing to the costs of getting an initial run of CDs pressed and of getting someone to do us a press campaign.

I hope this record sounds like your sort of record. Songs of love, life and, of course, hope.

The Crowdfunding Campaign is now live.

I would be over the moon to hear from you. BE A PART OF MAKING THIS HAPPEN.
It’s unique, it’s beautiful and it’s great. Thank you for your support.


Speak soon.


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