Thursday 19 May

p j millson '16  034 copy

(Photo: Mark Entwisle)

Hello you.

Last week we started work on a short film (a video!) to go with the title track of the new record, The Red Café. Tonight we have a night-shoot—at a café—to get the rest of it done. Directed by Graham Trott who also did the video for Being Young in 2014. Playing a piano and looking arty: it’s what I do. The edit will be on Friday and my eldest son will be in-charge. We’ll be going into the night to get it right. All being well, you’ll be able to see it on Monday. The song is one of my absolute favourites I’ve written.

This weekend I’m off up north to do an album launch gig for The Red Café with Pete Greenwood and Lisa Marie Glover. It’s at the Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds at 7.00 p.m. on Saturday 21 May. If that’s near you, it’d be lovely to see you. Truly great songs aplenty AND coffee. Come and say hello.

There’s also another launch in London at the Green Note in Camden next Thursday 26 May (link takes you to tickets). I’m sharing the bill with Jess Vincent. It’s her gig really but she’s such a nice person that she’s let me hijack proceedings. Come and see us both. We’re gonna sing something together though the rehearsal for that may be half an hour before stage time. Gonna be a fab night.

Listen, I gotta go. The Red Café is out on Monday 23 May and there’s a page here somewhere where you can order that album along with my previous records.

Be good.


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