The continuing adventures of me, me, me…

Hello you.

Been playing some nice gigs with Jinder, Jess Vincent and, on Tuesday just gone, Kris Drever.

Kettering and Nottingham with Jinder were knockout as ever. Main memory of that weekend however is drinking red wine from teacups till 4.00 a.m. I’m too old for this.

Last week I played a couple of benefit gigs. The beneficiaries being those poor sods stuck in Calais. One was with Jess Vincent in Bristol; happy memories of a very tired sound man. The other was here in my home town of Bridport at the Soulshine Café.

This week I was up in London doing a gig with Kris Drever. I opened one of the (sold out) shows for him at the Green Note in Camden. One hell of a guitarist and singer and some songs that land feelings that most of us find it hard to get a handle on. A really lovely audience, too.

20160329_kris drever and pjm

I’m back at the Green Note for a double-bill with Jess Vincent on the 26 May (just before The Red Café comes out on 23). Jess is such a positive force; you can’t stay grumpy in her company for long. Looking forward to it very much. We’re thinking of doing one or two songs together. Harmonies and everything.

Some nice words coming in bit by bit as people start to get review copies of The Red Café. When the choice quotes arrive, I’ll post them here for you to marvel at.

Boo Hewerdine said he’d phone today. He didn’t. I, on the other hand, bought his new CD today. That should do it.

I’ve made some nice friends in music.

Be good.


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