Here we go, then…


Here we go. Another delve into my mind for the benefit of not going insane. Wait, I have a lovely family, coffee AND a new CD player… (Cambridge Audio CD10 if you’re asking)

This month I have a show at the Camden Monarch opening for Pete Greenwood’s album launch. I can’t wait. My first exposure to Pete Greenwood’s music was a 7-inch single of a song called ‘The 88’ which blew me away for its sure-footed melody and general greatness. I also have the album ‘Sirens’ which I really like. I find him kind of Bert Jansch but slightly more gritty. I dunno; I’m not a music critic. Either way, 21 October is gonna be a belter (in a sensitive and careworn kind of way).

Been doing quite a lot of photography this last fortnight. One shoot , which I really enjoyed, was Dan Whitehouse. Out in a parking lot with a telecaster and a security light high up on a wall. Looks brilliant. Always good to have Dan around. We’re each of us supporting (on separate nights) Kris Drever when he comes to London in March. I’m ONLY here to win.

Have finished another song about my Dad called The River. I’ve been at this one for a few years now; definitely the song that’s taken me the longest to finish. Can’t decide whether I like it best on piano or guitar. Will be recording it next week so I’d better make up my mind. BTW, my gig at The Stables in Milton Keynes on 17 Dec (with Jinder) will be the first to include some piano; they’ve said that we can have a piano onstage if we want one. We want one. The River is bittersweet but that’s what I do best so… really pleased with it.

Oh yeah, if you, or someone you know, play and write string parts for songs and you’re kicking about for a project (you never know) then I would love to hear from you. I have a handful of songs that would welcome a layer of pathos. Get in touch and we can hatch a plan.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m doing my best here and I hope you are too. It’s all we can do.

See you later.


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