Say no to instant coffee

Saw a drummer in Glastonbury on Saturday. Went through a few of the songs that might benefit from a kit. Made a few recordings on my phone. Am evaluating (daydreaming) now. Played a gig in Bournemouth that evening. Had a lady dancing at the front of the stage nearly all night. Bless her. No-one video’d it, thankfully (dancing being a most unusual reaction to my songs). I have a title and a theme for this album now (will tell you later) and it’s helping with shaping the whole thing; creating an arc of sorts. Someone made me a coffee the other day. An instant coffee. What in God’s name they were thinking of I have no idea. It’s a taste-joke of epic proportions. Am writing a lot of what I can only describe as mellow 70s sh*t on the piano. Really pleased with it. Never worry about a lyric: sing nonsense to catch a melody and then when the first comprehensible phrase pops out, use that as the signpost for your journey to the finishing line. Laters.

20130820 005

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