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Resonance FM


The live session and interview that I recorded with James Hodder at Resonance FM in London last year goes out this Saturday (24 Jan 2015) at 8.00 p.m. If you’re in London it’s on your radio at 104.4 FM otherwise online at resonancefm.com.

The show is called Tin-Can Review and it was a great afternoon. Hope you enjoy it.

Also on Saturday I’m playing a lovely gig here in Dorset. Details here.

Be good.

Say no to instant coffee

Saw a drummer in Glastonbury on Saturday. Went through a few of the songs that might benefit from a kit. Made a few recordings on my phone. Am evaluating (daydreaming) now. Played a gig in Bournemouth that evening. Had a lady dancing at the front of the stage nearly all night. Bless her. No-one video’d it, thankfully (dancing being a most unusual reaction to my songs). I have a title and a theme for this album now (will tell you later) and it’s helping with shaping the whole thing; creating an arc of sorts. Someone made me a coffee the other day. An instant coffee. What in God’s name they were thinking of I have no idea. It’s a taste-joke of epic proportions. Am writing a lot of what I can only describe as mellow 70s sh*t on the piano. Really pleased with it. Never worry about a lyric: sing nonsense to catch a melody and then when the first comprehensible phrase pops out, use that as the signpost for your journey to the finishing line. Laters.

20130820 005


Today’s work on the album.
Spent the morning trying to work out what was my arse and what was my elbow. Still haven’t quite got it. One of them days. Went to Exeter on the train with my eldest son. Walked around for about an hour in the late afternoon coldness whilst he did his thing. I had sweet 1970s music keeping me company in the headphones. Had a cup of tea. Sent messages to┬ámy friend Andy and I’m getting him to play his bass guitar on some of the tracks. He’s in Wales and refuses to budge so I guess that’s me on the train at some point with a guitar and a handful of mp3s. And biscuits.


Today’s work on the record: Laundrette whilst listening to Josh Rouse (Nashville) on headphones. To neighbour’s for a coffee to hear that the harmonica on track 2 (provisional placement) reminds him of something by Townes Van Zandt. Watched E.T. with the boys. Cried. Went to town to get a fruit cooler.

LP update

Cold and foggy (the weather and my brain) in amongst the hills, fields and livestock of east Devon with producer Mark Tucker. Thirteen songs pegged to the board. Filling them in now with Omnichord drum machine, an out-of-tune piano, my old electric guitar through a Vox AC30, Hammond, Harmonica, drum kit, dobro, whatever else I find lying around. This is another very good record.