Floating down the river; moving-on


Hello you.

I’ve been writing. I’ve been reading and I’ve been writing. Reading books reminds me about other lives and other struggles and joys. It’s also an excuse to put the kettle on (again). Some of the songs I’m writing at the moment are written around my usual themes of ‘who am I?’, ‘it’s gonna be alright if you just be yourself’, ‘love is all you need’ etc. It’s been done to death but I’m still trying to perfect it. Some of my best songs, however, come from my attempt to sum-up some book or other work of fiction or someone else’s reality; my take on someone else’s story. It’s funny how, in my photographs, I’m obsessed with other people and how they live but mainly turn the lens, so to speak, on myself when I write. I’ve actually started work on my next record. I’ve got nearly twenty new songs from which ten or so will be worth celebrating and recording. I’ve put sketches down of all of them and have moved a handful to the next stage which is making a committed recording. I’m very excited to be working with some great musicians that I’ve known from down the years. The energy that appears to be driving everything is the tension between allowing things to be and wanting to move-on. 

If I’m ever organised enough to pull it off, I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all out there on a tour of some description. 


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