43 not 42


Had a delightful week of proper 1st-world dilemmas with the cd artwork last week. All resolved. All worth it. Basically, if you can’t look like a cool dude on your own record then you’re a disgrace to yourself. Can’t wait to show you. Also last week, for some reason, I was booked in to do two separate radio sessions nearer the release date. Very exciting. Close to the mic: think Whispering Bob… 

A reminder that I’m playing in London on the 27th at the 12-bar. As well as my stuff, I’m very much looking forward to singing songs by Josh Rouse, kd Lang, Big Steve, Prefab Sprout and Jimmy Webb. Have decided to leave my cover of Duran Duran’s Union Of The Snake to another time.

Rehearsal with the band yesterday was epic. Might call the band Peter James Millson and the Beautiful Truth although it is a bit of a long name. There’s another 1st-world problem to tackle. By the way, if you haven’t got yourself a copy of the E.P. ‘The Beautiful Truth’, you can get one via this site. It’s a good’n.

Juggling the diary to see if I can get and see Danny & The Champs in London in March. To not be there seems like bad behaviour.

Have a lovely week.


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