True Believer


(Photograph by Mark Ponsford)

Hello all. Myself and the band had a great rehearsal today. At one point I thought we sounded like The Eagles (in a totally authentic and credible 1970s way). At other times it was more Tom Verlaine but I am prone to daydreaming… Even had a chance to run through the new ‘True Believer’.

There’s a solo show coming-up this month at the 12-Bar in London on the 27th. Also on the bill is the lovely and great Mick Terry who is on the home straight with his second Long Player produced by Jim Boggia. We’ve decided to close the evening with a handful of choice covers and I’m brushing-up Big Steve’s classic, ‘Springboard’.

All the artwork for ‘Sweet The Love That Meets Return’ is signed-off and looking terrific. Soon as I’m in receipt of the CDs, I’ll post some pics.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Speak to you soon.


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