2014 is GO!

Happy New York. This month I have the exciting prospect of getting the Sweet The Love… CDs manufactured and not only that but I now have a press agent. The press agent in question has very, very good taste in music (obviously) and will be bigging-up the album for the next three months leading up to the 31 March 28 April release. Band rehearsals are going great and I hope that we (me and you) can get together sometime soon to make music. I’ll be in touch with news of solo shows and other stuff soon. Hope you know how great you are. See you soon.



2 thoughts on “2014 is GO!

  1. Hi Pete, really like Some Days and Being Young …
    Hi Pete
    Really like Some Days
    and Being Young.
    Great to hear you’re creating this stuff…
    Keeping the McAlloon vibe going… Last
    I saw of him he was white-suited, white
    Bearded and be-caned. Godlike,

    … Bye

    Barrie AnDrew ( Anydays / Radiance etc ) Oxford

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