43 not 42

Had a delightful week of proper 1st-world dilemmas with the cd artwork last week. All resolved. All worth it. Basically, if you can’t look like a cool dude on your own record then you’re a disgrace to yourself. Can’t wait to show you. Also last week, for some reason, I was booked in to do two […]

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True Believer

(Photograph by Mark Ponsford) Hello all. Myself and the band had a great rehearsal today. At one point I thought we sounded like The Eagles (in a totally authentic and credible 1970s way). At other times it was more Tom Verlaine but I am prone to daydreaming… Even had a chance to run through the […]

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2014 is GO!

Happy New York. This month I have the exciting prospect of getting the Sweet The Love… CDs manufactured and not only that but I now have a press agent. The press agent in question has very, very good taste in music (obviously) and will be bigging-up the album for the next three months leading up […]

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