Get ahead


Great rehearsal at the weekend. If you’re not in a band, for f***’s sake go and join one or form one. It’s great fun. Quite surprised how the melodies survive intact and are actually lifted on high by the addition of Jinder on electric guitar, James Price on bass and Charlie Bell on the drums. We are actually only three rehearsals in but it feels like home already. Not quite ready to take it to the people (you!) yet but should be out there doing some warm-ups in a couple of months. Really looking forward to putting a clutch of dates together around the album release which is 31 March 2014 (incase I haven’t mentioned that!). Very flattered too that there are a growing number of people buying the E.P. and sending me nice messages. If you really do like all this soul-searching then stick around because I’ve got some really great songs waiting in the wings for you to hear. The album artwork is very nearly done and it’s looking like it sounds if you know what I mean.

I hope Christmas stuff isn’t getting you down (it’s supposed to do the opposite). Nick Lowe has got a great new Christmas record out. It’s up there with the best of what he’s done: seriously. Maybe put that on the wish list? Or Green by REM!


Cover Story

Okay, here’s the list of songs that I fancy doing for these videos what I intend to post. Would love to say there will be regular and scheduled updates but I’m not that organised; my brain is a disgrace when it comes to anything other than melodies or photographs. Random and rapid selection from the first CDs I saw as I went along the shelves but they’re songs that have all made me want to write songs of my own. There are hundreds more.

  1. When Love Breaks Down – Paddy McAloon
  2. Wicheta Lineman – Jimmy Webb
  3. Belle of the Ball – Roddy Frame
  4. Hey Rusty – Lloyd Cole
  5. Modern Boys – Anderson/Butler
  6. Blackbird – Macca
  7. Long May You Run – Neil Young
  8. Dignity – Ricky Ross
  9. Secret Heart – Ron Sexsmith
  10. Winter – Norman Blake
  11. Distant Sun – Neil Finn
  12. Hey Little – Danny George Wilson

Just waiting for hair and make-up to arrive and then I’ll make a start.Image


Always Two Wheels Good

First run through, in Nottingham at the Guitar Bar, of a song I wrote a couple of days ago. The song is about my relationship to the record ‘Steve McQueen’ by Prefab Sprout (known in the US as ‘Two Wheels Good’). For some reason I forgot to sing the middle-eight. Watch and enjoy as I crane my neck to crib from the lyric sheet. Thank you to Jinder for making it sound great and to thePhotogeezer for the video. Check it oot!