Get ahead

Great rehearsal at the weekend. If you’re not in a band, for f***’s sake go and join one or form one. It’s great fun. Quite surprised how the melodies survive intact and are actually lifted on high by the addition of Jinder on electric guitar, James Price on bass and Charlie Bell on the drums. […]

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Cover Story

Okay, here’s the list of songs that I fancy doing for these videos what I intend to post. Would love to say there will be regular and scheduled updates but I’m not that organised; my brain is a disgrace when it comes to anything other than melodies or photographs. Random and rapid selection from the […]

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Always Two Wheels Good

First run through, in Nottingham at the Guitar Bar, of a song I wrote a couple of days ago. The song is about my relationship to the record ‘Steve McQueen’ by Prefab Sprout (known in the US as ‘Two Wheels Good’). For some reason I forgot to sing the middle-eight. Watch and enjoy as I […]

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