Me when I was older


My friend Mark Ponsford took a photograph of myself and the great songwriter Jinder (who is playing electric guitar with the PJM band) and it appears to have caught something that hasn’t happened yet.

This is the beautiful thing about photographs: they can say whatever you want them to say. I have great hopes and plans for the PJM band and I look forward to one day being able to look back on all the good music we’ve done. This photograph seems to have been taken then: in the future. Here’s a picture of me when I was older.

Mark is the man responsible for the artwork on the current E.P, ‘The Beautiful Truth‘, and is also working on the artwork for the album ‘Sweet The Love That Meets Return’ (out 31 March 2014 28 April 2014). He’s a painter and a photograph taker. He likes Nick Cave and is currently to be heard raving about Chris TT.

Be good, be sensible and, until next time, be yourself.

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