Keys in the wrong place


Handful of albums I totally love at the moment are James Maddock’s ‘Another Life’; Kathryn Williams’ ‘Crown Electric’ and Emily Barker’s ‘Dear River’. 

‘Dear River’ is very instantly gratifying yet gets more complex the more you hear it. ‘Crown Electric’ is definitely Kathryn Williams’ best and the track ‘Sequins’ kills me every time. Oh, to have written a song as good as that one. ‘Another Life’ on the other hand just feels like home to me. I ‘got’ it as soon as I heard it and I think it’s the most played of the three. 

One of my boys has, in indelible marker, written the names of the notes on the white piano keys at home. But in the wrong places. Can freak you out a bit as you glance down.

I’ll get him back.

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