Lurning Curve

Quite enjoying the steep learning curve here. 1. Make a great album: reckon I’ve done that with the help of Danny George Wilson and Chris Clarke at Reservoir Studios. 2. Get it mastered: first time I’ve had the pleasure. Makes a big difference. Thanks to Mark Lord at SuperNature. 3. Assume that everyone wants a copy. 4. Hire a press agent: have done just that. 5. Put a band together as solo shows alone are not enough to carry this album live: found one. In rehearsals now. Sounding grand and expensive. 6. Record cover artwork: harder than I thought and I’m an image expert of sorts. 7. Remember that music is something very special that can make a difference to someone’s day. 8. Remember that music is just stuff and nonsense. 9. Make friends. 10. Drink coffee.

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