17th November 2013

Eldest’s birthday today. Love that boy. Love both my boys. He’s gonna be a great stop-motion animator one day. Wait: he already is. Played a Bill Fay album (the recent one) whilst I sat in the light from the standard lamp and wrote names and dates on the back of photographs with a bic biro which was emotionally draining but in a good way. Took clothes to the launderette. Went to the harbour at West Bay; boys playing; Rachel and I sharing a cheap coffee. Took lame postcard photographs of the harbour with my phone. Discussed a possible radio interview in Totnes next week with John Elliott. Same day as I want to rehearse the band. Spoke to the ace drummer (and my brother-in-law) Paul Wigens about my record. He’s made a few (including a few with my producer Danny George Wilson) so I listened-up. Tried hard to stay awake enough to watch some Arrested Development on Netflix and write these words but I fell asle…

PJM Windows Phone_20131117_004 1080px PJM Windows Phone_20131117_022 1080px PJM Windows Phone_20131117_019 1080px PJM Windows Phone_20131117_021 1080px PJM Windows Phone_20131117_017 1080px PJM Windows Phone_20131117_015 1080px PJM Windows Phone_20131117_024 1080px

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