Me when I was older

My friend Mark Ponsford took a photograph of myself and the great songwriter Jinder (who is playing electric guitar with the PJM band) and it appears to have caught something that hasn’t happened yet. This is the beautiful thing about photographs: they can say whatever you want them to say. I have great hopes and […]

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Keys in the wrong place

Handful of albums I totally love at the moment are James Maddock’s ‘Another Life’; Kathryn Williams’ ‘Crown Electric’ and Emily Barker’s ‘Dear River’.¬† ‘Dear River’ is very instantly gratifying yet gets more complex the more you hear it. ‘Crown Electric’ is definitely Kathryn Williams’ best and the track ‘Sequins’ kills me every time. Oh, to […]

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A following

Gigs, gigs and more gigs. Build a following. It’s an enjoyable slog is how I’d describe it. Just got back from a solo gig tonight. Enjoyed my new version of ‘Love Is A Lie’ in a new more comfortable key. Changing keys as a singer of your own songs is like making your own clothes […]

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Being Young: back in your box

Been talking to a couple of key people about the launch of the album next year and we’re now agreed that we’re gonna postpone a single launch until the new year. There’s been loads of great feedback for Being Young so far so thank you for that. I promise you it’s all going to be […]

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Arrived in a box

CDs arrived in a box today. These are the E.P. called The Beautiful Truth. There’s a lot of stuff going on and it confuses me sometimes. I spent most of this year¬†making my first album; with Danny George Wilson as producer (it’s totally SENSATIONAL). I ALSO recorded some stuff at home, separately, in the downtime […]

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17th November 2013

Eldest’s birthday today. Love that boy. Love both my boys. He’s gonna be a great stop-motion animator one day. Wait: he already is. Played a Bill Fay album (the recent one) whilst I sat in the light from the standard lamp and wrote names and dates on the back of photographs with a bic biro […]

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Lurning Curve

Quite enjoying the steep learning curve here. 1. Make a great album: reckon I’ve done that with the help of Danny George Wilson and Chris Clarke at Reservoir Studios. 2. Get it mastered: first time I’ve had the pleasure. Makes a big difference. Thanks to Mark Lord at SuperNature. 3. Assume that everyone wants a […]

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