Dan Whitehouse

I have the pleasure of being the special guest at Dan Whitehouse‘s show at the Green Note in London on 6 Dec. Dan’s new album on Reveal is called That’s Where I Belong and it’s on constant rotation here at PJM towers. I love Dan and his music and I love the Green Note. Can’t wait. […]

Hope Hall, Exeter

Hello you. This Sunday (26 June 2016) I’m playing at Hope Hall in Exeter in Devon. Gonna be a great night. The amazing Jess Vincent headlining. New songs, The Red Café songs, older songs. If you can make it, it’d be great to see you. A lovely evening in store. Send you home happy. (Photo […]

Thursday 19 May

(Photo: Mark Entwisle) Hello you. Last week we started work on a short film (a video!) to go with the title track of the new record, The Red Café. Tonight we have a night-shoot—at a café—to get the rest of it done. Directed by Graham Trott who also did the video for Being Young in […]

The continuing adventures of me, me, me…

Hello you. Been playing some nice gigs with Jinder, Jess Vincent and, on Tuesday just gone, Kris Drever. Kettering and Nottingham with Jinder were knockout as ever. Main memory of that weekend however is drinking red wine from teacups till 4.00 a.m. I’m too old for this. Last week I played a couple of benefit […]